Inspirational Spirit of the Phoenix, Inc.
P.O. Box 1633
Columbia, Maryland 21044

Howard County honours Inspirational Spirit of the Phoenix, Inc.... Details>>>


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"Inspirational Spirit of the Phoenix" is an organization that is all about coming together as women to share information, bond friendships, renew our strengths, be empowered and connect with our inner spirit. The name is derived from the mythological bird, the Phoenix, that consumed itself by fire and then arose renewed by its ashes. Just as the Phoenix was able to renew itself, we as women can also rise above the most difficult circumstances.

Our Vision
Our vision is the realization of the power that we as women have to have to make ourselves and our families become better world citizens, and to make our communities more representative of the goodness and cared we all have inside.

Our Committment
Our organization is committed to helping women who in many cases have given up. We want these women to know that there is an organization out there, whose members have confidence in their ability to overcome the most desparate of situations, and like the Phoenix, rise from their despair more confident than before!


Read the Howard County Council (Maryland) Resolution honoring Inspirational Spirit of the Phoenix!

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Tynia Canada is available for singing and speaking engagements. Email or call (410) 715-0817



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